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Water bottles and more bottles

I hopped down the street at lunch today and bought a new water bottle from the local Sheetz.  I always find myself checking new bottles out in the racks a couple of weeks before a backpacking trip but hold off buying them as much as possible due to their lack of sustainability and potential health issues associated with release of chemicals over time. However, on the few days when I am out of water and have to buy one, I try to go with one that I can reuse for hiking.  This one is a Core hydration bottle.

I will refer you to their website for information on the water and electrolytes, as I don’t pay much attention to that.  The water bottle is what caught me – pretty sturdy but flexible with an interesting cap that might be used as a measuring cup.  It’s going on my next backpacking trip in a couple of weeks.

I am not promoting the use of these bottles as health effects have been suggested. But there is also new evidence that it is not just BPA (Core bottle is BPA free) but also BPS and BPF that we may have to worry about. These are prevalent in all types of plastic, the health effects are debated, and exposure to BPA is much higher in the shiny receipts we get when shopping.  I am not stating opinion here – just letting folks know.  Do your own research and make your own decisions.

This got me thinking about my progression of water carrying devices over the last 30 years of backpacking…here goes:

Scouting in the early 80’s – Standard “issue” round canteen with fabric caddy.  Didn’t stay long with this one.

Boy Scout Vintage Canteen : Factory 20

Mid-1980’s to early 1990’s – The classic plastic bottle – eight sides with an inner plug and outer screw cap.  Can’t find a photo of this one right now.

1990’s through mid-2000’s – The still prevalent Nalgene – from the classic wide mouth bottles to smaller mouthed “sipper” bottle I attached on my shoulder strap.  In winter I still go back to the Nalgene due to its indestructibility.  I can melt snow and pour boiling water right into these babies.  See their website link above.

Last 10 years – Disposable water bottles from Gatorade to Smartwater.  I don’t keep these for a long time as they aren’t BPA free, but they weigh almost nothing and some are very durable.  I hope the Core is like that and look forward to testing it out.  Not sure it will ride as well on the shoulder strap but I’ll enjoy finding out.

Current (Updated):  Now that I have been on a 4 day excursion with the Core bottle, I am making it a part of my routine gear list.  The cap is exactly 1/2 cup for cooking measurement purposes.  The bottle slipped easily into my side pocket just like the Smartwater bottles.  It’s only disadvantage that I have found so far is that it doesn’t fit a Sawyer water filter.  However, I carry a Platypus bag for that as well as a Sawyer bag if it is needed in dry times.  I’ll revisit this after a few more trips…