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Birkhead Mountains Wilderness Trip Report


I just updated the trip report page with a short weekend trip from last year to one of my favorite local spots…the Birkhead Mountains Wilderness in the Uwharrie National Forest in the middle of North Carolina.  This is a great spot for a day hike or 1 to 2 day backpacking trip.  The mountains are some of the oldest in the world and therefore are very low.  Water sources are good, and campsites are frequent especially off trail (but please use Leave No Trace principles unless you use an established site.  It’s an area I have taken several beginning backpackers for a first hike, but also has great off-trail bushwacking options as the hardwood forests (mostly second growth) are relatively open.  My wife and I have taken short weekend trips here to get out of the house and just spend time in the woods without traveling too far.  It’s nice to have something like this so local to the three major areas in NC (Triangle, Triad, and Charlotte).