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Hiking “Shtick”s

When I got the spark to start a blog, I was refinishing an old hiking stick – shaving the last of the bark that was hanging on it, smoothing the rough spots, and adding some water repellent and a rubber tip. It’s nothing fancy but there is something nice about a simple hiking staff.

I don’t use them much any more, having converted over to trekking poles a couple of years ago to help the knees, but still love a classic natural wood hiking staff. When used correctly, trekking poles are so much better on my knees especially on a downhill and allow me to do more miles as I age or just make the miles so much easier. However, they just don’t feel the same as a good old fashioned wooden staff.  On easy trips and day hikes I still go back to a hiking stick.

“Hiking shtick” came to me while sanding the staff and I checked Webster’s, which defines “shtick” as a regular activity or something you like to do.  I thought that fit well for the blog, although another definition is of the comedy side of things…don’t expect too much of that and I’ll plan to keep my day job.