Off the Trail…and back ON!

Sometimes life gets in the way of trail time…either family obligations or health issues. In my case for the last two months a combination of both. While it can be frustrating not to get that regular break from the rat race, I fill the time with gear analysis and trip planning. Right now its a late June trip to the White Mountains of NH and long-term planning for the TGO Challenge across Scotland.  I have also been tracking the progress of the current Challengers the last two weeks.

Since early April I have been sidelined with back and leg issues…but FINALLY things are in good shape and it looks like there is a chance for a quick trip the first weekend in June.  This is one of the longer breaks from backpacking I have taken in the last few years, and my excitement to get back on the trail even for a couple of nights is hard to describe.  When my schedule gets in the way its one thing, but when I know I physically can’t get out, that really wore me down.  Now I am back on the elliptical an hour a day (although it can’t simulate a 2000 ft climb!) and feel ready for the woods again.  Trip report to follow in a couple of weeks…

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